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website design and consulting in charleston sc

website design in charleston sc

Island Website Design & Consulting offers the best in creating a pleasing and technically-correct website.  We understand it needs to be a balance between creativity and what will work well for selling and high search-engine placement.  Seeking this balance, our staff can design a simple, one-page website or a complete shopping site for you. 

Some people have tried to make their own websites but are missing what is necessary to generate profits.  Others had a less experienced web designer try to make them a site but got no results.  We have customers seeking assistance with both of these problems, and we make the corrections very successfully. 

Whether we're designing or re-designing, we can combine these services with SEO assistance in a low-cost package.  (Keep in mind, it takes both for potential customers to find your newly-made or re-made site.)  

There are many other choices you have in terms of our website design.  If a brick-and-mortar retail store is your focus, and your internet budget is limited, we can design an entry-level website to meet your needs.  If all your business is on the internet and you desire a larger, more comprehensive website, we can accommodate you as well.  Either way, our consulting staff can do all the homework on what will serve you best - all within your budget.

We can also create a website from your business card.  If this is of interest to you, we would start with needing your card and any logos or photos you desire to be included.  Another option we offer is a shopping cart right on your website.  Or perhaps you would rather customers call you instead.  There are pros and cons to both choices, and we can discuss those with you.  Our web design additionally includes appealing graphics, specialized font, scenic views, colorful backgrounds, ease-of-use layouts, 3-D buttons, relevant music and welcoming voiceovers. 

We take into account the type of business for which we are web designing.  For example, a photography studio website would concentrate on displaying a few large landscapes or wedding photos.  Whereas, a website for a sporting goods store could have 25 pages of products carried and their descriptions. 

Linking throughout your website is also our specialty.  This will allow your customers to find info. in several different ways on one site.  It also networks with other sites that you (or your business partners) may have.  Moreover, we ensure built-in code and word repetition in your website (for search engines to readily recognize).  We are also proud to say that our talented copy editors review each website (to ensure the words used are written correctly, professionally and with relevance). 

Taking all of the above (and much more) into account takes years of training and practice - which is what you will find in the staff of Island Website Design and Consulting.  Check out our testimonial's page - to view websites we have designed and for our past customers' positive comments.  Please call us today (@ 843-636-3833), and we can get started on a new website for you!

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