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About Us

Our early vision:  Island Website Design and Consulting staff has been creating websites and advising businesses since the start of the commercial internet entity.  Our owner began his professional career as a retail manager, employed by other organizations, and worked himself up the ladder in commercial sales.  He began to see the trends in the 1980's shift toward e-commerce and computer electronics.  Therefore, he applied his high aptitude/interest in technology and sales - teaching himself as much as possible about both.  He did so while working during the day, reading tech. manuals at night, and by assembling and disassembling the Commodore 64 (grandfather of home computers).  Our owner has also had his own businesses since he was 13 years old.  So entrepreneurial endeavors came early for him.  Our other staff has similar thirst for knowledge with the same and complimenting strengths (i.e., copy editing, art design, etc.) 

Professional accomplishments:  Since those early roots, our staff has completed college and continuing education in their respective fields, sat on professional boards, been involved in the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, owned and operated 1 million dollar+ organizations, built and managed successful websites, secured large government contracts, sold to thousands of clients worldwide, handled sales and service training of hundreds of personnel, won top-selling awards, etc.  Individually and as a team, they have assisted countless businesses to blossom and thrive.    

The importance of giving back:  But probably our greatest achievements have been in the area of philanthropy.  We have given thousands of dollars of time and money to the American Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, those affected by natural disasters, dog rescue groups, and many other causes desperately in need of volunteers and funding.   

Island Website Design and Consulting was born:  After connecting personally and professionally through common paths, our staff collaborated in early 2013.  Island Website Design and Consulting is now our greatest professional passion, and we have combined some of the best talent in all we can offer our customers.          

How we're unique:  The Internet is an ever-changing venue that has become over-crowded (with many companies offering what appears to be similar services).  We know this can be overwhelming to consumers.  Therefore, Island Website Design and Consulting has differentiated from "the norm" by offering... 
  1.)  cost-effective, affordable packages
  2.)  comprehensive, retail and commercial services    
  3.)  a balance between creative and technical results
  4.)  extended customer-service hours
  5.)  expedient turn-around time
  6.)  emergency tech. response

If we seem like a good match for you and/or your business, please give us a call.  Island Website Design and Consulting staff can be reached at 843-636-3833.  We know we can help exceed your expectations!

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