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Home Networking

In today's world of wireless technology, all home computer devices can be joined by one router.  This will allow networking of residence computers to a variety of printers.  It will also give family members the opportunity to share the same information on multiple computer screens (to share music files, for example).  The process of setting up these convenient installations is called home networking.  Island Website Design & Consulting can handle them for you.  And we can do so around your busy schedule. 

Another benefit of home networking is allowing someone visiting your residence to connect to your wireless network from a smart phone or tablet.  This could be very convenient for an extended relative visiting for the weekend or a business associate stopping by for a meeting.  Again, Island Website Design and Consulting can assist you with this option. 

home networking of charleston scHome networking can also entail a back-up system for  your computer files.  This can be critical in case of theft, loss or deletion.  Setting up a battery-backup system for each computer is also readily done in home networking.  This will help prevent hardware damage in a power outage or accidental electrical interruption.

Associated to the above processes (in terms of home computers) is to ensure software security.  This can avoid someone sending you a virus to steal passwords, bank records, etc.

We invite you to call us today to schedule an appt. for the above-described home networking and affiliated services.  They are greatly worth the money (in creating so many modern conveniences, in saving precious family time, and in securing your important documents).  We can offer you huge discounts on home networking, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  Appointments for us are scheduled at 843-636-3833.

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