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System Management

Island Website Design and Consulting is your system management "go to."  But first we want to explain what system management is.  It primarily has to do with networking at a business location.  That can entail connecting all computers to each other, to a centralized printer, to other apparatuses (like a screen projector) and/or to the internet.  It typically also involves sharing a server.  (A server is a computer with either a large hard drive or a box with multiple hard drives.  These hard drives hold shareable information.)  An example of this is as follows:

A front-desk manager wants five computers at a doctor's office that all show the same appointment book.  when someone adds an appointment to his/her screen, everyone else in the office simultaneously sees that change in schedule.  Likewise, system management in that same office can allow for patients' electronic health records to be shared amongst doctors and nurses.     

System management is very complicated to set up, especially system management of charleston scvia older equipment and wiring.  The software involved in system management has also greatly changed over the years.  Our staff has received college training and ongoing continuing education in it.  They have also begun to apply this knowledge to help Charleston, SC businesses. 

If your current computer systems need re-routing, updating or repairing, then Island Website Design and Consulting can do so proactively or even in emergency situations.  We can also custom design an affordable package deal just for you.  
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